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Python bindings for FreeType V2

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Python bindings for FreeType V2

Create a Python extension that wraps the FreeType font rendering library. In addition to the general utility of this library for Python GUI writers, these bindings would help us create portable tools to do the necessary Indic rendering needed when processing our documentation.

Executive Summary

Status Source Tree Download Tracker Developers
In progress Available Milestone 1 Available Joseph Koshy <jkoshy[@]>


Python is being used as the project's scripting and prototyping language. A Python interface to the popular FreeType rendering library would help in creating small tools to process indian language fonts.

There is already a Python interface to the earlier version of the FreeType library that could be used as a starting point. This interface, unfortunately wraps the earlier (obsolete) version of the FreeType library.

Background Information

Information about the FreeType library can be found at the FreeType project website.

Python was designed from the start to be a ``glue language'' and comes with excellent documentation on writing extensions.

Skill Set Required

Proficiency in the C programming language. Familiarity with Python internals. Experience with using the FreeType library. Exposure to object oriented languages. Familiarity with development in unix-like operating environments.

Other Resource Requirements

A development machine running one of the open-source OSes (*BSD, Debian GNU/Linux, etc), with a working X Window System setup. Access to the Internet (email and WWW).

Time Estimate

About 1--3 months of work, depending on the person.


Currently on the task list of: Joseph Koshy <jkoshy[@]>. Please join up. We need help with coding, documentation, and ensuring portability.


Comments project page: Py-FreeType

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