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Indic-Computing Handbook

The Indic-Computing Project

About the Indic-Computing Handbook

The Indic-Computing Handbook is an introduction to the the technical aspects of Indian language processing. It is a book written by software developers, for software developers.

The Handbook is being continually developed, and is the work of a number of individuals. It is still in its initial stages: many sections do not yet exist, and those that do need to be updated. If you are interested in helping create the Handbook, please join up.

You are reading the ``work-in-progress'' version of the Indic-Computing Handbook. This document is available from the Indic-Computing web site or from one of our mirror sites. Released versions will be made available in a variety of formats and compression options using the SourceForge file release system.

The sources and change history for the Handbook are also available for perusal.

Table of Contents
1 Introduction
I. Getting Started
2 Tutorial: Computers and Indian Languages
2.1 Introduction
2.2 Character Encodings
2.3 Fonts
2.4 The User Interface: Data Input and Output
2.5 Locales
2.6 Input methods
2.7 Output methods
2.8 Representing Indian Languages on a Computer
3 Tutorial: Indic Scripts under the X Window System
II. Standards
4 Introduction to Indian Language Standards
5 The ISCII Standard
6 Indian Standard Font Code
7 Indian Standard Code for Language Pager
8 Kannada Standard Code for Language Processing (KSCLP)
9 The TSCII Standard
10 The Unicode Standard
10.1 Introduction
10.2 Problems with the standard
III. Indic Scripts
11 Scripts and Writing Systems
11.1 Overview
11.2 Script information
11.3 References
12 Devanagari
13 Gurmukhi
14 Kannada Script
15 Malayalam Script
16 Tamil Script
17 Telugu Script
IV. Indian Languages
18 Indic Languages
18.1 Overview
18.2 Language Information
18.3 References
19 Assamese
20 Hindi
21 Kannada
22 Konkani
23 Malayalam
23.1 Linguistic Analysis
23.2 Character Encodings
23.3 Input Methods
23.4 Text Processing
23.5 Typography and Display
23.6 Locale Information
23.7 Malayalam Resources
24 Marathi
25 Punjabi
26 Tamil
27 Telugu
V. Programming Information
28 Locales
VI. Appendices
A. Bibliography
A.1 Malayalam
A.2 Unicode
B. Resources on the Internet
B.1 Mailing Lists
List of Figures
2-1. Hyphenation positions (Devanagari)
2-2. Glyphs of different styles for the character LATIN CAPITAL LETTER A
2-3. Wide encodings vs Multi-byte encodings

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